A standard for traceability and quality, in the emerging cannabinoid market.
A standard for traceability and quality, in the emerging cannabinoid market.

CBDx standards can be summarized in four simple points.

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We created the CBDx standard because we believe cannabis or hemp-extracted CBD oil is an amazing substance and needs to be protected as it emerges in the supplement market. CBD oil, just like anything else, loses its amazingness when it isn't extracted correctly, cleanly, or not delivered in a sufficient dosage to do the job. (CBD requires heat activation to realize its full potential.)

At this very moment there are companies selling cheap CBD oil which typically originates from Europe and in many cases has been demonstrated to be of inferior quality or contaminated due to improper storage and shipping. The companies who buy this material do not even know its producers or how it is being extracted. They are buying whatever is out there on the market. It is a recipe for disaster.

Hemp tends to grow very easily, without the need for any pesticides. While the CBDx standard does not allow pesticides, this alone is hardly rare to find. The more important factors are CO2 extraction and proper post-extraction techniques to activate the CBD. A growing amount of CBD on the market is extracted by supercritical CO2, or claims to be. The good thing about CO2 extraction is that you can produce a high quality CBD extract without turning to harsh chemical solvents like butane or hexane, which contain neurotoxins. It is extremely important to avoid such chemicals, and unfortunately testing often finds these toxins.

The fact is many CBD producers aren't personally concerned with health, even if the consumers are, and they will use harsh solvents in order to speed up extraction, or to create a "superior" extract. We do not believe in this practice, and we require the slower and less potent CO2 extraction. The advised dose should thus be higher in order to achieve the same results, only safely.

Bad experiences with tainted CBD are only the first problem. Another problem can be mediocre experiences due to improperly extracted CBD. This is true to many of the CO2 extractions on the market. We want people to experience the best CBD has to offer, and we have a lot of work to do.

At the moment, all our CBD producers are in Colorado. We have visited them personally, inspecting their operations. They are also just good people. The cost of CBD is able to do down significantly. The retail price should be able to get down to about 7 cents a mg or so, even for high quality CBDx. In order for that to happen, get behind the CBDx initiative. Support the high quality CBDx standard and the producers who are providing high quality material.

If you manufacture a CBD product, talk to us. We will help you source CBDx certified material. Then you can let your customers know that you source the best — CBDx!

If you grow hemp and produce a high quality CBD material, talk to us. We will help you be certified and supply you with orders from buyers.

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